Welcome to Claire’s SC Dirt Blog. The purpose of this blog is to review and analyze current trends in real estate practice and title insurance for South Carolina dirt lawyers and their staff members. The lawyers in our office spend every working day communicating by telephone and e-mail with those in the trenches of real estate closings. We hear their problems on a regular basis. This blog is my humble attempt to help and support South Carolina real estate lawyers. The goal is to be practical rather than scholarly. If you are a dirt lawyer or work with one, please feel free to contact me if I can be of service in your real estate practice.

A bit about the writer, Claire Manning: a South Carolina real estate lawyer and title insurance professional. I was in private practice for 11 years, mostly representing real estate developers, prior to coming to work with Chicago Title, where I have happily been employed since 1992. I wrote Handbook for South Carolina Dirt Lawyers, published by the South Carolina Bar. This blog may be a stab at beginning the process of updating the handbook, and it is definitely an attempt to continue to provide support for my favorite professionals, real estate practitioners. I can be reached at Claire.Manning@ctt.com and 800.922.8814.


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