Huge Nexton project takes top Home Builders award

Picture courtesy of Charleston Post and Courier

The Charleston Post and Courier is reporting that the 5,000-acre residential spread between Interstate 26 and U.S. Highway 176 in Berkeley County near Summerville received the Pinnacle Award from the Home Builder Association of South Carolina.

The size of this project, which supports the Boeing plant and related businesses, is staggering. The Post and Courier reports that it will one day have as many residents as Georgetown and Moncks Corner combined. It will also house as many residents as the current populations of Clemson, West Columbia or North Myrtle Beach (between 16,000 and 20,000).  Currently, according to the newspaper, the number of residences is 1,200. At full build-out, the project will encompass 7,000 homes.

The award is for the best master-planned community in the state. It recognizes homebuilders who have achieved the highest standards in customer satisfaction, quality craftsmanship and innovative problem solving.

Just take the trip from Columbia to Charleston to see this huge project. The future of the housing industry in our state is bright!

One thought on “Huge Nexton project takes top Home Builders award

  1. Walt Heinsohn

    Does getting an award from the Homebuilders Commission mean that this builder was particularly and exceptionally adept at squeezing a dollar’s worth of value out of 25 cents worth of materials and labor? Incorporating the most low end plumbing fixtures, HVAC systems, shingles, exhaust fans, dishwashers, garbage disposals, paint, etc? Coercing the most buyers into using the builder’s attorney to close? Not putting in near enough parking for the multi-family units? 🙂 But hey, it all meets code, right?


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